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Ciclone S.r.l.

The history of Ciclone S.r.l. began in 1976 as a family-run company, and on the strength of the success achieved in years of activity, the company has conceived, designed and built a line of dust suppression systems distinguished by high quality and reliability. These dust suppression systems make the working environments safer and more productive and facilitate the task of the professionals of all the sectors as, the industrial one, the earthmoving, demolitions, constructions of great works, mining activities, underground excavations, remediations, waste treatment and recycling of the wood, production of compostable materials and all those activities that inevitably generate dust.

Ciclone S.r.l.

Ciclone S.r.l.’s figures

Although Ciclone S.r.l. is constantly renewing itself, it does not change its philosophy and the principles that have guided it over the decades: top quality products, advanced technology, versatility and above all customer satisfaction. A working method that has made this company one of the main manufacturers in Europe. These principles have allowed the company to establish itself in the industry and become a reality recognized throughout the world. Don't believe us? Let the figures of Ciclone S.r.l. speak for themselves.

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Suppress the dust in construction sites with Ciclone


Semi-automatic dust suppression systems

Great effectiveness and very high efficiency are the two main features of the semi-automatic fog cannons. A range of products created to work even in extreme conditions because they are made of thick tubular and boxed steel with double galvanization. Versatility is guaranteed by the automatic rotation of 340 degrees of the turbine that, through a PLC with a convenient touch screen on the machine, offers the possibility to set the desired working angle. The stainless steel crown with self-cleaning stainless steel nozzles and the multistage centrifugal pump with self-priming function complete this range of machines which, with their absolute quality, guarantee first-rate performance. 

Electronic dust suppression systems

The electronic series of Ciclone fog cannons embodies the highest standards of quality and reliability and an unparalleled level of technology. Machines that raise beyond all limits the features already present in the semi-automatic series. In fact, the configuration with hydraulic articulated arm extendable up to 6 meters (19,6 ft) allows to work in any place. Extraordinary performance is guaranteed by crowns with 60-64 nozzles made from a single block of die-cast aluminum, CNC machined and equipped with 2-3 separate internal channels controlled by solenoid valves to ensure an even distribution of water. All the crowns of the electronic range are heated by means of an electrical resistance inserted in the nozzle crown, to work even with sub-zero temperatures.

Ciclone S.r.l.

Customized dust suppression systems

The experience matured in years of work in the sector has not only allowed Ciclone S.r.l. to realize ranges of high quality products, but also to develop ad hoc projects for all those customers who do not find a match in the standard solutions already proposed by the company. Among the various customized dust suppression systems we find, for example, the Roll-off system for trucks with demountable platform, equipped with a fog cannon with an hydraulic arm, generator and galvanized or stainless steel tank. Autonomous mobile dust suppression equipment mounted on self-propelled trolleys with rubber wheels, are perfect for working in places that are not supplied with water and electricity. Special solutions with machines positioned at height and the control group on the ground, are designed and manufactured for the customer who has the need to control dust from above.

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Why our customers have chosen the Ciclone’s fog cannons


All Ciclone branded products are designed to help reduce energy costs and water consumption on construction sites while maintaining a very high standard of performance.
Moreover, thanks to their advanced technical specifications, they offer top-level performance in the control and suppression of dust and odors, allowing you to work in a cleaner and more livable environment. 


Ciclone S.r.l.'s machines and systems are designed by a company which, thanks to decades of experience in the high-pressure water mist sector, knows the everyday problems and needs of professionals. For this reason it has realized high quality dust suppression systems: solid, easy to manage and adaptable to different needs.

Direct production

Precisely because of their quality, Ciclone’s machines, are characterized by high reliability. But when this is not enough, Ciclone S.r.l., being one of the few direct producers in Italy, offers a professional and fast assistance and maintenance service. 


Ciclone S.r.l. offers its customers a wide range of fog cannons with technical characteristics that can satisfy all needs. In addition, all machines adapt to the work in construction sites thanks to the automatic rotation of 340 degrees of the turbine with the possibility of setting the working angle and operate the turbine detached from the machine body.

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The fields of application

Industrial and civil demolition - Heavy industry production processes - Mining and quarrying as well as underground tunneling - Crushing and recycling of inert materials and treatment or storage of metallic materials - Remediation of polluted land and areas - Unloading of material from ships - Coal storage - Recycling and waste storage management -Odor suppression from rotting product processes or plant digestate production - Wood shredding and processing. Cooling of event areas

Ciclone in action

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