Accessories for Ciclone S.r.l.’s
dust suppression systems

A complete set of optional extras designed to enhance your work.

Ciclone’s dust suppression systems owe their high performance to their flexible configurations. Our projects are developed keeping in mind that each customer has different needs.

The possibility to equip the machines with various optionals represents an additional degree of customization to products already varied and designed to meet the needs of a wide range of potential users.

The available accessories contribute to raise the technological level and the usability of the Ciclone’s fog cannons for dust suppression, enhancing their reliability, their solidity and their efficiency.

Accessori cannoni nebulizzatori - Radiocomando

Radio control

Ciclone’s dust suppression systems can be remotely controlled and programmed using a 12-channel Telecrane Silver Control remote control. The remote control allows the switching on and off of the machine, but also the switching on or off of the turbine rotation, the adjustment of the tilting and the complete re-programming of the machine. Everything is based on a portable 12-channel radio control and a receiver mounted on the machine. It has a range of about 100 metres (328 ft) and comes with a battery charger included. This accessory allows the operators on the ground to easily control the turbines of the fog cannons, both fixed and in any position they are installed or the mob ile units on the construction site. A simplified 4-channel version is available for the Semi-automatic range.

High pressure pump

It is the ideal instrument for any situation and environment. The fog cannons for dust suppression of Ciclone S.r.l. are created with this ambitious mission and this becomes possible through adequate technical solutions. One of these solutions is the possibility to equip them with a Annovi Reverberi high pressure pump of 70 bar. This optional extra makes the machine ideal for environments where wood shredding, waste recycling, compost production yards, and the treatment of scrap iron are carried out, where all materials must not be too wet.

Accessori cannoni nebulizzatori - Pompa ad alta pressione
Strumenti per il monitoraggio qualità aria, odori e polveri

Instruments for monitoring air quality, odors and dust

The Ciclone’s fog cannons can be interconnected with integrated systems for monitoring the air quality, detection of odors and dust present in construction sites or places of industrial operations. 

The stations and the instruments for the monitoring and for the quality of the air are the result of an important work of experimentation on the field. This allows us to propose fog cannons for the suppression of dust and odors with a completely automatic intervention without the presence of operators on the site.

In addition to the versatility and reliability of the sensor analyzers (Electronic Nose PEN3 and the new Olfosense by Airsense), the most modern communication and system integration technologies available today are added to allow a very accurate system management, complete operational flexibility and the creation of reliable monitoring networks interconnected with Ciclone’s machines. 

In detail, the products for air monitoring are:

  • PM x – constant measurement of particulates.
  • Olfosense – constant measurement of odors (OU).
  • Olfosense plus – constant measurement of odors, VOC, NH3, H2S.
  • PEN3 – measurement and identification of odors.
  • Combined stations for continuous monitoring.

Dosing pump for chemical products

Dosing pumps are optional extras that offer the great advantage of reducing operating costs, speeding up work and consuming less water, making site management easier. Their function is to provide for the mixing in adjustable percentage of chemical products for the control and suppression of bad odors. On the Ciclone’s fog cannons for dust suppression, two types of pumps can be installed: one is mechanical and based on the Venturi principle, the other is an electric peristaltic pump with impulses.

Pompa Dosatrice per prodotti chimici
Sistema “Quick Release Mainfold” per modelli della serie CM

“Quick Release Manifold” System for CM Series Models

The QRM solution is a system through which Ciclone S.r.l. has achieved its goal of making life easier for its customers. It is, in fact, the acronym for Quick Release Manifold and allows the maintenance of the nozzle crown without losing practically anything in terms of productivity. The QRM allows the replacement of the entire nozzle ring in a very short time, benefiting from a replacement unit while the other "clogged" one is subjected to the expected maintenance processes.

Additional filters

Ciclone’s dust suppression systems can be used with any type of water. This is possible thanks to special filters. If, however, you have to deal with water containing higher than average suspended particles, it may be useful to install a pre-filtering station which anticipates the flow of water into the machine. Ciclone S.r.l. has already tested and installed several pre-filtering systems capable of making the fog cannons operate at their best according to the needs.

Filtri addizionali


The cup anenometer installed on Ciclone’s fog cannons is another instrument that explains why it is possible to save money without having to give up performance. Its function is to detect the wind, recognize its speed and on the basis of this understand if the machine must be operated or turned off. In addition to not needing on-site personnel to operate the machine, this guarantees a considerable saving of resources, thanks to the automatic blocking of the action when it is superfluous due to atmospheric contingencies.

Pressure washer lance

Among the available optionals there is the high pressure washer system with a lance that is installed in case the machine is equipped with a High Pressure pump. Its use is particularly indicated when, at the end of the shift, the operating machines and the vehicles need an accurate washing from the residues of earth and mud.

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