Dust suppression in construction sites

Dust suppression in construction sites

The dust suppression in construction sites is a problem that must be addressed very seriously because the risk of not carrying out the operation correctly in addition to the success of the work also affects the health of people and the good maintenance of machinery. Let's look at everything there is to know and the best solutions.

Dust suppression in construction sites: the risks are many

To put at risk the health of people working and of those who are in the area with the emission of fine dust is a crime punishable by law. Therefore, in order to comply with the law, it is necessary that the dust suppression operation on the construction site is carried out correctly and cleanly.

When parts of houses or other buildings are demolished, dust does not have a well-defined origin. It is made up of different chemical agents that mix together and cannot therefore be treated with other types of suppression. Cement, glass fibers, possible asbestos and silica are all agents that create significant damages to human health.  Another problem caused by fine dust is that of the wear and tear of work vehicles, in fact, this dust can have negative effects not only on the human body but also on all the parts of the engines of any vehicle, leading to a problem of premature wear and easy breakage, creating a greater expense of work management.

Dust suppression in construction sites: how to perform all operations correctly

In order to avoid everything that we have just described, there are means specifically designed to best solve the problem of dust suppression in construction sites, meaning the fog cannons.  A single solution with multiple advantages:

  • Practical: thanks to the lightweight of the products and the possibility to put the cannons on wheels, or on articulated hydraulic arms, the construction site staff has the possibility to manage the work in the best way. In addition to that, many models can be tilted to different degrees, allowing a simple and fast control of the working angle.
  • Safe: all the particles that can be dissolved in the air, when in contact with the water, gain weight and fall to the ground quickly. The nebulized water then creates a layer on the ground that compresses the dust from the construction site and does not allow the vehicles to carry them beyond the area affected by the work. The dust suppression by means of fog cannons eliminates the numerous puddles of water that form with the traditional methods of abatement of fine dust. This also makes it possible to dispose of them correctly by collecting them from the ground using suction equipment and then eliminating them. With this method, the odors of the construction site are also eliminated, which is a further safety for the respiratory health of all workers involved in the work.
  • Fast: Working time on construction sites is also a priority, so solutions that do not waste time or money must always be chosen. Dust suppression systems allow the work to continue while they are in use, suppressing dust clouds and increasing the speed of work.

Dust suppression system: Price

According to what has been said before, the advantages deriving from the use of fog cannons for dust suppression far exceed the costs, also because on the market there are different models and products for all budgets. From the machine for small construction sites, up to those for large demolitions. If, however, the work does not have a long duration in time and there are no other occasions of use, it is possible to opt for hire. Many companies, in fact, make equipment available to construction sites at a relatively lower cost and only for the time needed for that type of work.

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