Ciclone S.r.l.

The history of our Company

The history of Ciclone S.r.l. began in 1976 as a family-run company born out of Luciano Marcantoni's passion for agricultural machinery. In fact, right from the start, the company specialized in the production of atomizers for phytosanitary treatments of agricultural crops. Given the great success of the company, in the following years Ciclone S.r.l. integrated its offer with a series of axial and centrifugal fans.

Strengthened by the success found in this new adventure and due to the strong propensity to research innovation that has always characterized Ciclone S.r.l., the company has conceived, designed and produced a new line of Fog Cannons for dust and odors suppression. These systems are suitable for numerous fields of application and distinguished by unparalleled quality and reliability. 

Subsequently, the seasonality of the agricultural sector has encouraged the company to exploit its experience and technical know-how to develop a parallel production of artificial snow generators cannons, a first-quality line designed for the national and international market. 

The technology behind these systems confirms the company's commitment to environmentally friendly solutions.
In 2004, the Swiss association SQS certified the company for its ISO 9001 Quality Management System.


Dust Suppression Systems

Ciclone S.r.l.

Vision e Mission

Since always we want to offer to the professionals of the sectors where the various productive processes generate dusts and bad smells, solutions characterized by a strong technological component, innovative, effective and performing in all the situations: dust suppression systems that reflect Ciclone S.r.l.'s desire to create environmentally friendly products for a safer and more sustainable tomorrow; fog cannons conceived thanks to the experience matured during years of work in the sector and a highly qualified technical staff.

Why choose Ciclone S.r.l.

Direct production

Direct production

Ciclone’s machines, thanks to their high quality, are characterized by high reliability. However, when this is not enough, Ciclone S.r.l., being one of the few direct producers in Italy, offers a professional and fast assistance and maintenance service.


Ciclone S.r.l.'s machines and systems are designed by a company which, thanks to decades of experience in the high-pressure water mist sector, knows the everyday problems and needs of professionals. For this reason it has realized high quality dust suppression systems: solid, easy to manage and adaptable to different needs.



Although Cyclone spray guns are sometimes found to work in really extreme conditions or are given little attention to maintenance, they always guarantee the best performance.


All of Ciclone’s branded products are designed to help reduce energy costs and water consumption on construction sites while maintaining a very high standard of performance.
Moreover, thanks to their advanced technical specifications, they offer top-level performance in the control and suppression of dust and odors, allowing you to work in a cleaner and more livable environment.  



Ciclone S.r.l. offers its customers a wide range of fog cannons with technical characteristics that can satisfy all needs. In addition, all machines adapt to the work in construction sites thanks to the automatic rotation of 340 degrees of the turbine with the possibility of setting the angle of work and operate the turbine detached from the machine body.


No matter where the Cyclone dust suppression guns are used, their robustness combined with ease of handling and ease of use, are always ready for any use.


Ciclone in action

Leave the dust to others and think of your well-being and that of your employees, contact us for more information, to request a quote or for an inspection.