Customized dust suppression systems

Dust suppression systems:
to each request its solution

Which dust suppression system to choose? What if they don't fit the site or the environment? The questions weigh heavy, but there are directions to take that can clear up any doubts. Even when you think you have complicated needs to meet.

The Ciclone’s dust suppression systems, in this sense, represent a "safe haven". A choice to which one can arrive profiting of the assistance of the specialized technicians of the company, ready to make an inspection and to suggest the right solution to choose, especially in the case in which eventual standardized solutions are not compatible with the situation. The customized dust suppression systems allow the creation of tailored projects. This way, ad hoc projects are elaborated, with an extreme degree of personalization and consequent functionality of the investment with the certainty to have professional solutions with high performances.

The customized dust suppression systems of Ciclone S.r.l. represent products of high technological level. To a considerable productive and engineering effort, the customized dust suppression systems add a further capitalization of the company know-how. The solutions that go beyond the standard models are products "sewn" on the needs of the professionals of first level that operate in the company.

In fact, the company has been investing for years in research and development in order to offer an avant-garde catalog at the top of the market. The mix of all production factors makes possible professional solutions for any construction site, workplace or environment to be treated.

Tank, generator and cannon can be configured with any combination suitable to offer a solution adapted to the requests, as well as being mountable on trucks with roll-off system or on trolley for towing.

Ciclone’s fog cannons: the protagonist of your dust suppression system

The possibility of having ad hoc solutions with Ciclone’s customized dust suppression systems is a further quality that is added to the machines produced by the company. The customized systems can also be equipped with the entire range of Ciclone S.r.l. fog cannons. These solutions are appreciated for their ability to perform the functions in which they are used to the best of their ability, combining user-friendly management and control systems capable of containing costs through accurate optimization systems.

In addition, they are distinguished by a high-performance and homogeneous jet guaranteed by the steel or aluminum crown, as well as possible configurations with particularly powerful self-priming pumps and a functional hydraulic arm. Depending on your needs, you can choose between semi-automatic and electronic models.

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Customized dust suppression systems: autonomous and mobile dust suppression equipment

Mobile units are among the customized dust suppression systems. A project of Ciclone S.r.l. based on a wheeled trolley with the possibility of towing with construction vehicles.

The configuration includes the cannon, the tank and the generator. The tanks (in polyethylene, galvanized steel or stainless steel) can be chosen with different capacities according to the needs (from 1000 lt (264 gal) to 10000 lt (2641 gal)). The propulsion of the autonomous system is entrusted to high quality generators, super-silenced, built in Italy in compliance with the latest regulations on emissions, which guarantees low consumption and a limited ecological impact. It is also possible to increase the equipment by choosing further optional extras that Ciclone S.r.l. has designed for its fog cannons.

These projects are simple, but characterized by a robustness that does not fear any possible condition of use. The ease of handling and cleaning (there is no fairing) and the reliability are other undeniable strong points of the product. Ciclone S.r.l. guarantees the design and realization of the products in a short time, as well as an adequate after-sales assistance.

Customized dust suppression systems: Roll-off for trucks with detachable platform

The Roll-Off system can be easily loaded and unloaded from a truck with a roll-off platform. Its virtue is that the installation on the vehicle or the eventual grounding are very easy to do, with the possibility to use it with identical performances in both situations.

This makes it an ideal product as a dust suppression system to be used in worksites in continuous movement and where there is neither water nor electricity. A versatility that is further enhanced by the presence of the articulated arm that allows you to put it into action and suppress the dust where other solutions do not allow to arrive.

C20R Dust Suppression System

C20R Dust Suppression System

The new C20R System was designed to offer the customer an integrated solution aimed at managing the dust and odors abatement independently, flexibly, and quickly in any place without water or electricity.

A dust and odor abatement system consisting of a 1000 l capacity tank that keeps the dust suppression system working through a high-pressure pump equipped with 340° electronic rotation programmable by a PLC installed on the machine. Upon request, it is also possible to mount a generator of adequate power.

The dust suppression system features a galvanized steel skid with housing for forklift forks and 4 angled eyebolts for lifting with belts or chains, where all the machines and accessories that make up the dust suppression device are placed.

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What are the accessories I can include in my customized dust suppression system?

Customized dust suppression systems provide an additional level of configuration chosen by the customer through the choice of optional extra. You can, for example, choose:

  • Radio remote control
  • 60 bar high pressure pump.
  • Interchangeable nozzle crown (QRM System) 
  • Dosatron dosing pump for mixing chemical products.
  • Anchorage systems for positioning machines at height. 
  • Additional water filters.
  • Pressure washer lance (if the model is equipped with high pressure pump). 
  • Anemometer (wind station). 
  • Electronic dust detection systems.
Which construction sites can I use the customized dust suppression systems on?

Customized dust suppression systems have the characteristic of being able to operate at their best in any condition. They are indicated for sectors like:

  • Industrial and civil demolition.
  • Heavy industry production processes. 
  • Mining and quarrying as well as underground tunneling.
  • Crushing and recycling of inert materials and treatment or storage of metallic materials. 
  • Remediation of polluted land and areas.
  • Unloading of material from ships.
  • Coal storage.
  • Recycling and waste storage management. 
  • Odor suppression from rotting product processes or plant digestate production. 
  • Wood shredding and processing.
  • Cooling of event areas.

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